The EasyBox Mtk application serves to perform various service actions with phones produced by Alcatel. It is the part of the easy tool set. Now it supports 177 models and the list is constantly updated.
The alcatel Box contains 4 pages.
  • Direct Services
  • Support
  • Paid Remote
  • Download

Direct Services

This application can do the next actions
  • Get phone Info
    EasyBox Mtk can read a lot of useful information from the phone. It supports reading of
    • IMEI Numbers
    • Lock security information
    • FRP settings
    • Provider Id(Cu ref)
    • Bluetooth Address
    • Firmware Data: firmware version, Android version, compilled date
  • Unlock locked phones
    Usually phones allow usage of any simcard but some phones can be locked to a certain operator sim cards. EasyBox Mtk allows you to unlock such phones so they can be used with any simcard.
  • Flash firmware roms
    EasyBox Mtk allows you to upgrade or downgrade your phone firmware. You can download firmware file from this site or firectly by EasyBox Mtk and then flash it.
  • Repair IMEIs
    EasyBox Mtk is the only application which can repair IMEI numbers without flashing third party partitions erasing original ones. The IMEI repair action is as simple as other actions. You should only connect to the phone, enter new imei numbers, click 'Reapair imei'. All other will be done by EasyBox Mtk.
  • Dump files
    EasyBox Mtk allows you to dump some partitions before making some changes. For example you can dump security partitions or nvm partitions.
  • Flash files
    Dumped files can be flashed back which will return phone settings to the state when the dump files were created. For example you can flash back security partition of the unlocked phone to return it to the original 'locked' state.
  • Reset FRP
    EasyBox Mtk allows you to perform FRP erasing in case you have forgotten your google account.
  • Factory reset
    EasyBox Mtk allows you to perform factory reset to completely reset your phone.
  • Provider Id Read/Repair
    You can repair provider id(cu reference) if it was broken for some reason. It is important that firmware and provider id number were equal. If the phone firmware belongs to another provider it will update to the current provider when upgrading by fota. To fix it - change provider id nimber to match firmware provider id.
All the following actions need Connecting first. Read more about direct services in Getting started
All detailed information about available actions in a certain phone is provided in Phone manuals section of the help.


Support actions are located at the support page and used to work with this site services: it allows you to login to this site and get the Edit password. This password is used to change other your settings. It cant be used to log in on this site.

Paid Remote

You can obtain unlock codes for Nokia phones, using 'Paid Remote' page.


EasyBox Mtk has a built-in firmware roms downloader, where you can download any firmware rom in the internal EasyBox Mtk file format. Also you can download all firmare roms using this site.