EasyBox Smatcard

EasyBox Mtk requires a smartcard to run. This is a usb device which contains your unique license serial number(or just serial). This card authorises your program license and allows program to run. It can be bought here
The application immediately will stop if you remove smartcard from the pc. Dont remove the smartcard during any process which changes the phone internals. This can brick your phone.
Also EasyBox smartcard serial number is required to authenticate the user on this site. Without the smartcard you wont be able login here and to download firmware. Usually the smarcard doesnt need any drivers to work properly. But here you can download smartcard drivers if your os is unable to download them automatically.

License serial number

The serial number is shown at the left side of the status bar. If you need need to write to support mail concerning any technical problem, please point this serial number in the letter.
Main window
Smartcard number